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About Danelle Stetler

I am a FREELANCE, landscape designer and I love to discover the nourishment people can receive from outdoor spaces. As a former collegiate athlete, (and now a mom), I have gained a unique perspective on how a walk through a garden can release tension in ones body and mind.

With a degree in Landscape Management and 3 years working at garden centers, I am answering the questions I would get regularly from customers in my blog, while designing landscapes! I hope to be a resource for homeowners, businesses, or any one who wants to own a plant, so they may learn how they can Design, Create, and Maintain their Green Space.

My DEEP appreciation for the earth has lead me to begin educating myself on how we can better naturalize the landscape to be a better home for native plant species, which will in turn create an outdoor space with low water needs, low maintenance, and low-weed control.

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